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Jan 15 2009

Support my students…any little bit helps

teach seventh and eighth grade in small classes (18 for three eighth grade classes and 25 for the two seventh grade classes.) We are located in urban Pennsylvania in a high need community. I am very concerned about my below basic eighth grade class because they are not reading even close to the 8th grade level. I teach the class alongside a special education teacher. We are always looking for more ways to differentiate learning in the classroom and to use technological resources. For some of my students, the Leapfrog tools will offer them an accommodation that is necessary to their growth and learning which will enable us to better meet their Individualized Education Plans.

They are all below basic readers who respond well to kinesthetic (or body) learning. A majority of the class is reading at 4th grade level or below. Seven members of the class have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for special education. The classroom is set up so that students sit at tables in communities instead of individual desks. This lends itself to small group activities and stations.

These tools will allow them to hear the texts and the questions (via headphones) at their pace. This is essential since they are reading at a choppy pace and a fluent reading model is so essential. We have found them to do extremely well with listening comprehension and kinesthetic learning.

These students are already experiencing growth and an expanded vocabulary in the classroom, but their reading aloud and comprehension could be supplemented a million fold through the use of these devices. Please help my kids on the road to proficiency and increased reading level. You will change their lives.

My students need 4 Leapfrog Crammer Handhelds so that we can set up a Leapfrog station in the classroom. The cost of this proposal is $418, which includes shipping for any materials requested and fulfillment.

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